Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Take me to Santa Fe

This month I've been missing good friends and time in the warm sun.  Even though I know the weather will change before I know it, it's still snowing outside and I could use a break from these cold toes of mine.   Plus, talking on the phone with best friends just isn't the same as sharing cappuccino's in person.  

I'm voting for an all-girls destination vacation in Santa Fe.  Doesn't a destination trip with girlfriends who are scattered across the map sound like a great idea?  


  1. Would you like to meet this weekend, instead of Bmore???

  2. yes, i would like to meet you in Santa Fe.

  3. I would like to meet you in Santa Fe with Kristin! AHH, I miss you terribly. We're so overdue for a phone date.


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