Friday, September 3, 2010

22 Days...

Last night (in preparation for honeymooning in a tropical climate) I did sit-ups, inversions, and push-ups... in between episodes of Spain: On the Road Again.  Of course I preceded the exercising with the closest thing I could get to Spain: a few glasses of French Grenache.

Mario Batali is from Seattle, too!

His fleece vests are a dead give-away of PNW roots.

GP, on the other hand...stripes and scarves: New Yorker.

Watching this series made me reconsider our plans to go to Tahiti and New Zealand for our honeymoon, but then I remembered how completely spoiled rotten we are for going to Tahiti and New Zealand... 

Suddenly, I'm feeling a little better.


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  1. Oh envy! I would no mind going to Tahiti and New Zealand, that's for sure :)


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