Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rosie Thomas. My living room. OMG.

Rosie Thomas is playing a show at our house on September 18.  

I don't think I could be more thrilled, shocked and utterly beside myself.  

I've been a devoted fan since high school-- to have her in my living room is completely wild and totally unexpected!  But somehow- by what feels like an act of God, this is really happening! 

I actually feel like I've died and gone to a little bit of heaven.  I can not wait. 

(God, grant me the serenity to act like an adult and not make a fool of myself!)


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  1. Bahhh! I'm so glad you got that egg caddy! That makes my heart happy! And too crazy that you're from Leavenworth! Such a funny little town. I'll post pics on my blog soon of the trip.


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