Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pure Magic

Potatoes, heavy cream, butter, salt and pepper.  Potato gratin.  There could not be simpler, more delightful dish out there.

Have you ever baked heavy cream before? Let's just ponder the pure magic of that thick, bubbly, golden-brown goodness that transforms in your oven over the course of an hour. When in need of a little comfort and a little magic, please- trust my gut and make this delicious potato gratin recipe. Serve with a filet of fish and a nice, big green salad; for brunch alongside poached eggs, or my recommendation- straight out of the pan while you watch girly movies.  Make it when all you have is potatoes and cream.  Just make it!

Did I mention this entire recipe calls for just potatoes, cream, butter, salt and pepper?  I digress....  Please, go make this for yourself and for someone you love.  Found here.

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