Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good people, good food, good times

Lunch with mom at Sitka & Spruce

Fresh flowers at the Melrose Market

Vivace Coffee and Salted Caramel (where else than) Molly Moon

Pike Place dinner for dad's birthday at Seatown

Beachside picnic in Fidalgo Bay (read: waiting 3 hours for afternoon ferry)

Funny people and a crisp ferry ride

A surefire sign you're in the PNW

Views from Orcas Island

Lots of laughter

I love Orcas people (a 5 minute solstice parade!)

Take a look at this composition :)

Breakfast at Allium on Orcas

Views from the wedding ceremony

There's an app for this

Wedding treats

We had such a great weekend in Seattle and Orcas Island, I only wish it could have lasted about 18 more days...

The weather was typical: cool, partly cloudy with sunny patches, misty, breezy, fresh and clean. Although it's summer and I know Seattleites are desperate for sun and warmer temperatures, the break from the heat in B-more was soothing, refreshing and just what I needed.

I felt so lucky to have been able to see my parents and some great friends, to not waste a moment/potential meal by enjoying some of my very favorite Seattle restaurants, and to be part of C & V's special day on Orcas Island (what an awesome wedding it was!). We had so much fun laughing with friends and being reminded of the incredible beauty and life that exists in the Northwest. I can't help but miss living there, but am also so thankful for the adventure and change that living across the country has brought. As it's said, part of me never really knew what I was missing until I left. 

For now, it's back to work and back to life at home in Baltimore. Guess I'll just have to bring everyone from Seattle to me! Who's game? 

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  1. Look at you, hitting up all the hottest restaurants in the Seattle!

    Can you tell me more about Seatown and Sitka & Spruce? I have been really wanting to splurge on especially the latter. Are they worth it?!


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