Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Island Getaway

We're headed to Orcas Island next week for a wedding, which means my second time across the country this year to the NW. I can't wait to wake up to a cool, misty San Juan morning, to smell the salty air and the green forests, to dip my toes in the icy waters of the Puget Sound, and to spend some time away from B-more and be surrounded by good friends. Plus, our hotel in Seattle is right next to one of my favorite places.

I love the Northwest, but I hope this isn't our only summer trip. I'm feeling the need to go somewhere I've never been, eat food I've never tried and be exposed to a new place- a source for inspiration, perhaps. This will suffice in the meantime, don't get me wrong.

[photo(s) by Natalie via all the mountains]

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