Friday, May 28, 2010

Domestic Therapy

"The holistic life, the life of health, requires finding a balance within the boundaries of all three separate but interlocking economies; all three are bound together in a sacramental relationship that lasts always."
-Sam Hamill, Shadow Work


Cooking makes me feel better.  Cooking gets me up and on my feet, it invokes my creative spirit, it provides me a distinct sense of satisfaction and productivity.  There is something quite mystical that can happen in the kitchen. 

I've never been much of a runner, but I've heard of the so-called "zone".  I'd like to think I can find that "zone" while chopping vegetables or whipping butter.  A place of intense focus, of satisfaction, of actively pursuing a means to an end.

Sure, not everyone feels this sense when in the kitchen.  As with many domestic tasks, the joy can be lost in the demand and strain these chores add to our lives, as so many other voices and obligations scream out in competition for our attention.  But when we stop and give attention to the task at hand, push aside all the other voices and demands, there lie a beautiful opportunity at hand, right there in the kitchen.

Tres Frijoles

Tasty little morsels

Basil from my container garden

Italian Parsley from my container garden

Chives from my container garden

First corn of the season

Herbs, tomatoes, peppers and seasoning mixed together

Something to take the edge off
*actually, it's just blood orange soda,
I often serve juice in a martini glass just for the effect.
The same goes for wearing high heels when no one else is around...
again, it's those little things in life!


I hope this long weekend allows time for you and yours to find rest and renewal.  And a few tasty morsels, too.

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