Thursday, May 27, 2010

Smiles for Thursday

It is Thursday, right? Sometimes I forget what day it is given my current state of employment.  I also sometimes forget what time it is.  Like last night when I woke up in the middle of the night and could not fall back asleep and (reluctantly) hopped on my fiance's computer to do a little soul-searching.  Well, the computer said it was 11:05 PM.  Not bad, I thought.  That's not too late to be up. 

After an hour of eye-straining internet-searching I figured maybe I should head to bed (since birds were starting to chirp outside, afterall).

But, this morning when I woke up I looked at his computer to see what time it was (we could probably use a wall clock, yes). 7: 20 AM it said. 

Wait.  There's really no way either of us would be so early. The construction workers across the street NEVER start before 9 AM.

That's when I remembered that the clock on his computer is still set to West Coast time.  Arg.

Last night was a late night. 


So, for those who didn't sleep well night, those who did, those who were celebrating 1/2 birthday's last night (me, a'hem), those who were still coping from the dissapointment of the Lost finale or the trauma of the Grey's finale or just the hum drum of mid-week, here are a few things to make you smile. 

Something for your garden...

Something for baby (and dad, too)...

Something for someone who wishes they went to Rushmore...


Something for a fan of classic cars...


Something for the new mommy you know...


Something to wish for...


Something that's pretty and nice...


Hope this Thursday brings you a smile.


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