Friday, August 27, 2010

29 Days

While the ending of Annie Hall doesn't look quite look like a classic love story, I seem to remember it that way, anyway. 

In May 2007, Ryan and I saw Annie Hall together.  We'd been dating for less than a year, we were infatuated with each other, and we hadn't been apart for even a few days.

So now when I think of Annie Hall, I think of it as "our movie".  It feels like a love story in the end, after all.

{Prints from Mike Oncley via A CUP OF JO}



  1. i am all too familiar with countdowns, i just wish it was for a wedding than when i shall see my love again. congrats darling! look forward to pictures :D

  2. These are amazing! Especially love the first one :)


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