Monday, August 23, 2010

Best coffee in Baltimore

This post is long over-due, so I'm going to just get it out there: Spro Coffee is the best coffee in Baltimore. 

Two months ago I would have said it's the only coffee worth drinking in Baltimore, but luckily Woodberry Kitchen proved me wrong with a beautiful cappuccino served alongside my eggs benedict, but that's another story.

For anyone googling that simple phrase like I did eight short months ago, may this post find them well, cut their sampling of scalding bubbly latte's short, and lead them to the finest espresso available in Charm City: Spro.

Clementimes' picks: Haupia cappuccino or honey macchiato.

These friendly barista's carefully and masterfully prepare each cup.  It's worth the wait. Trust me.


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  1. SPRO! I miss that beautiful, amazing place! I can't wait for my very own Haupia cappuccino. :)


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