Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Country for Young Women

Have you heard of this site, No Country for Young Women?  I found it through a new blog I've been reading called LittleBrownPen.  Nichole of LittleBrownPen captures beautiful, I mean beautiful photos of Paris and New York, where she splits her time.  (The poor girl...) She writes about simple, down to earth topics and experiences. 

NCFYW recently interviewed LittleBrownPen's author asking questions about her professional journey as a writer and what it's like being a "modern woman".  I found it encouraging and hopeful, showing that there is no direct path toward any particular career, that the journey and process builds from one step to the next.  That every step along way matters, not to lose heart if you don't have everything all at once. 


Lately I've been inspired by blogs written by and for women like Nichole's.  Many of the women I'm reading about range from young and single, to mothers and wives.  Some focus on fashion, others on weddings, babies, art, home design, cooking or gardening.  They're educated, working at-home or in an office, observing, exploring, writing and sharing. 

From the blogosphere, I see that many women are finding a niche in blogging, crafting, designing, growing gardens, making their own food, taking photographs and reconnecting with what matters.  It feels like a holistic coming-together of art, beauty and meaningful work.  The blog itself provides the platform to share these details and experiences and provides a thread to a community of like-minded people.  I love that there is a sense of community, that one blog leads to another, that many of these women know each other and are connected because of their writing and sharing online. 

While fashion and design can be a place of greed and envy, it's wonderful to see art, detail, and fair labor embodied in people's work these days.  That's part of why I love Etsy.  People have found something they love to do and are making a living because of it.  Simple, but important.

When I was a kid, I remember getting a "character award" in elementary school for observant.  While patience or kindness is slightly more admirable in my opinion, I'm proud of that award. 

I'm enjoying being an observer and paying attention to what's happening in this world. 

Cheers to women, blogs and details.


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