Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy days

The guy I live with is pretty rad.  What a nice little Saturday night we had eating French cheese, sipping Spanish wine and munching on California almonds. (The caveat being some kind of rodent squealing in the kitchen in the middle of our conversation.  Whatever, we barely noticed.)

P.S. Those are my special pickled beets on the left, yummm.


  1. What a cool Saturday night. I am obsessed with cheese and wine together. Sounds like my kind of weekend to me. If you like to try out new cheese like me, I would recommend Drunken Goat Cheese. It's simply amazing and pairs really well with a good Pinot Noir. Thanks for sharing!

    Molly Jane

    PS. Stop by and say hello sometime. I am hosting a February Give Away soon!:)


  2. Camembert and a Dry French Riesling ain't too shabby!


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