Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home alone

Remnants of a Wednesday Night, by STG

Step 1: Pour last glass from yesterday's bottle of pinot grigio, grab crackers to eat with new favorite cheese, eat/drink while staring blankly into fridge in hopes of finding dinner-for-one inspiration.

Step 2: Turn up speaker volume to hear KEXP playing new Bright Eyes album.

Step 3: Make garlic mashed potatoes with asiago cheese for dinner; grab hoppy beer (since white wine bottle is now empty) and pour into champagne flute. 

Step 4: Watch Portlandia clips online and feel weird hearing myself laugh out loud when no one else is around.

Step 5: Thumb through Julia's Kitchen Wisdom, for a daily dose of cooking know-how. 

Step 6: Eat remaining truffles sent from mother-in-law in Canada.  

Step 7: Consider watching HOWL since it's here via Netflix, but pass since the dream sequences in the first 20 minutes were too cartoony.

Step 8: Finish tax return, feel slightly productive, eat spoonful of chocolate gelato, write blog post and go to bed.

Recap: Mashed potatoes as a meal, beer in a champagne glass to make life a little fancier, chocolate truffles, chocolate gelato and some other stuff in between.

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  1. Wow. I've had so many nights like that, culinarily speaking.


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