Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wall dreams

As I'm sure many of you know and feel, one of the bummers of being a renter is the nail-in-the-wall dilemma.  I've always wanted to buy up a bunch of different frames and hang them on a big, open wall, kind of like these gorgeous photos above show.  I've never gone through with it because I fear my landlord's response when he or she sees all the spots in wall when we move out.  Have you had this dilemma?

In the meantime, I usually just tack on a frame to the nail left behind from the last tenant.  It works; but I'm eager to put nails wherever I want.  As usual, I see this type of nail-in-the-wall dilemma as a microcosm of a greater existential desire to plant roots and create a safe, constant space for me and mine. Makes sense, I think. 

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