Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's cooking

Last night I made cream of spinach soup from scratch, thanks to a recipe by my foodie-crush, Mark Bittman, who writes for the NY Times.

I loved the intensity of all the deep, green spinach leaves, but I'd recommend using more broth and less cream in the base.  An addition of some white wine might also be a great idea.

Tonight, I'm shooting for this white lasagna. The word béchamel is so lovely, is it not?

This weekend? Something squash. We have a bunch of little acorn and butternuts on the kitchen table that are dying to be roasted. 

This chili-lime vinaigrette with roasted acorn squash has really caught my eye.  Zesty and cozy.

Images and recipes at the incredible, practical and simply delicious smitten kitchen


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