Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wedding Photos: Getting ready

Well hello!  I'm really excited to share some of my favorite images from our wedding day this past September.  Hopefully you don't mind a little ooey-gooey reminiscing of some special moments from the day, too.  Since we have 700+ wedding photos, I'll try my best to pare down the list to capture the story of our big day: September 25, 2010. 

So, here goes the wonderful sequence of events, starting with the most stressful part of the the wedding day: getting ready!

I left my dress hanging in the window of the beautiful room us ladies got ready in until the photographer arrived so that she could get a couple good photos of it hanging. But, I failed to put it on in time so all my bridesmaids could see it on me before photos.  At the time I was totally stressed out about it and felt like a crazy b!*ch for kicking them out while I got dressed, but also didn't want to be the only one in the room in her underwear.  Such a quandary. 

Meanwhile, my always funny husband-to-be was downstairs with his groomsmen and groomswomen buttoning buttons, cracking jokes and taking photos with random cavases from the bedroom walls. 

My bridesmaid Erin scoured the entire city of Seattle on our wedding day looking for these special cans of bubbly since I had mentioned wanting them on my wedding day.  She came back with the special pink cans plus another bottle of bubbly for all us girls to enjoy before we were off to photos.   Even though I totally gulped it and was worried about being late for our photos, it was a special moment and felt completely picturesque standing with my mom and very best friends on my wedding day. 

While my mom helped zip me in....

...Ryan was practicing his "first look" moves.

I love the nervousness and excitement on Ryan's face in this shot.  The "first look" was a really special moment, but we agreed it was fairly awkward leading up to it.  Things ended up being a bit chaotic as we tried to rush our wedding party out of the house to get some privacy for these photos.  

Phew!  This was such a relieving moment to see each other, get in the car and head off to the park for photos with our families and wedding party.  We survived so much leading up to this moment-- the rest felt like a piece of cake.

Many more coming soon. xo


  1. Makes me tear up again... I love you, both!!!

  2. How amazing! You look gorgeous.


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