Friday, December 17, 2010

Wedding Photos: Cowen Park

The second stop for our wedding photos was one of our favorite neighborhood spots, Cowen Park, in Seattle's Ravenna/U-District neighborhood. We were sooo lucky to wake up on Saturday morning to a gorgeous, sunny day, which really made the photos.  Since the wedding was indoors, we really wanted to capture a sense of nature and greenery by taking some photos outside.  I'm so glad we could do it.    

Ryan and I used to live in a house just blocks from the park, so we have loads of memories wandering there on rainy day walks and going on short, but well intended runs that turned into existential musings on everything from our own relationship, to our jobs, our goals, our dinner plans and how we needed more sunshine in our lives. 

Cowen Park is really nothing super-special (other than the fact that is big and beautiful, like much of Seattle) but it just felt like the perfect place to commemorate on our wedding day; a place that represented so much of our journey because of how pivotal our time in that neighborhood was in the development of our relationship.  I feel like we took something ordinary and normal, a place some people might not even pull over and take a walk through, and made it unforgettable.   Not just on our wedding day with these photos, but through all the moments we spent there journeying through the up's and down's, turns and corners of our relationship that slowly but surely led to our marriage.  

I love seeing this shot from the two photographer's perspectives.  

Our beloved friends were so happy, joyful, supportive and not to mention so EXCITED!  They made taking these photos such a blast. 

One thing I've always looked forward to when being a bridesmaid was getting to take a few shots with just the girls.  I couldn't wait to do the same at my own wedding.  Here's one with my bridesmaids and Ryan's groomswomen. 

Here's one with my bridesmaids, my best friends... all in one place. 

Ryan and his par-tay (minus one who couldn't be in photos due to security reasons, arg). 

My DIY bouquet. We did all the flowers ourselves (not sure I would recommend it!). 

Yvonne, our photographer, kept yelling out, "Cylops, cyclops!  Get your faces so close that you can only see one eye!"  We laughed and promptly squished closer together upon her command. 

Our wedding party left for the venue while we took these lovey-dovey photos and headed off to our next destination (which I plan to share STAT).

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  1. Love these, love you. What a beautiful day.

  2. The bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous! I feel like white bridesmaid dresses are hard to pull off, but I seriously love them, black sash and all. Totally rewearable too!

  3. What beautiful photographs! You can really tell when people are genuinely having a fabulous time. You all look so ridiculously happy. Love :)

    Great blog! Have a wonderful weekend.


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