Monday, December 27, 2010

Wedding Photos: TUBS

After taking a few nature shots with our wedding party and families, we headed to a slightly unusual Seattle locale: TUBS, an abandoned hot-tub spa that has become a local canvas for street artists.  Anyone who has driven past this infamous 50th and Roosevelt corner would be hard pressed to forget such a sight (whether you like it or not). 

The idea to take photos at TUBS came when we first met our photographer and were discussing location ideas for our outdoor photos.  When we mentioned TUBS, Yvonne and Ryan and I were mutually thrilled at the idea of the bright colors and graffiti as a contrast to the elegance and tradition of typical wedding motifs. 

The sun was shining perfectly on our wedding day, which gave Yvonne the chance to capture the light in different ways. Some, bright and striking as you can see the detail of the graffiti in the background, while others feel romantic and airy as the sun washes out the color.  

One cool thing about TUBS is that the graffiti is constantly changing.  When we lived in this neighborhood last year, much of the images and designs captured in these photos weren't there and will most likely be painted and covered up by another artist sometime soon.   

Next up, the wedding! We have some special photos backstage with our friends before the ceremony, teary-eyed moments with our parents, awesome laser-dance party shots, as well as some detailed images of the decor.  Thanks again for indulging me and letting me share with you!  xo 

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