Tuesday, July 27, 2010

60 days!

On Sunday morning I realized it was July 25th. July 25th already

If it was already the 25th, that meant it was only two short months away from our wedding!

I have to admit, the realization made me shiver a bit when I thought of the loose ends that need tying up before our big day.  But, the thought of actually seeing the planning come to fruition and becoming husband and wife makes all the details worth it.  I can't believe we'll actually be married! WOW. That's a really big deal!

For now, I'll be dreaming of our wedding day...

Eating Vivace Coffee Ice Cream in my wedding gown.

Photos as pretty as these to capture each moment.

Seeing everyone's reaction to our caterer.

DANCE PARTY with my husband (omg!) and best friends.


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