Thursday, July 15, 2010

Protein! Grains! Quinoa!

I can't stop eating Quinoa!  I've made it for lunch three times in just four days.  I had to restrain myself yesterday from eating it yet again and opted instead for my Indian food leftovers.

Maybe I'm in need of a serious dose of protein? Who knows...  Either way, it's treating me right and I can't seem to get enough.  It's so crunchy, filling, and can be the foundation for tasty vegan meal!

I did a little research and found this nice photo. What a lovely stalk it grows on.

"The Mother Cereal"
Quinoa was a staple food in the ancient Inca culture

I've been preparing it simple: drizzled with a little olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Today, I added garlic and cayenne to the mix, making a dressing to pour over it once it's just off the stove.

Lots of people cook it in chicken or veggie stock instead of water, which sounds like a great idea.  I'm all out of bouillon, but once my pantry is restocked you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be trying that out.  Happy lunching!

P.S. This recipe looks amazing!

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