Friday, July 23, 2010

Pennsylvania, my latest crush

Hello and Happy Friday!  I'm really excited to share this post with you all.

This week I went on a bit of a spontaneous Pennsylvania road trip, tagging along with my travelling salesman fiance from account to account across the state.  I need no further convincing, I'm rather keen on this state. 

Things I love about PA: craft breweries, rolling green hills, luscious and seemingly never-ending corn fields, Amish horse-drawn wagons, art and culture in the cities, and the abundance of wide, open spaces. 

Let me share with you a few things that make me love Pennsylvania even more.


Lancaster Brewing Company.  How's this for a combination: Strawberry Wheat + Milk Stout = Chocolate Covered Strawberry Beer.  At Lancaster Brewing Company, when you order the beer sampler, this delectable combination is just one of over ten tasty brews you get to taste.  All the beer is brewed on premises and many of the bottled and canned beers are available in the small gift shop on site.  The Strawberry Wheat?  It's even more delicious than it sounds.

What could be more tasty in summer than Strawberry flavored beer?


Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I'm not sure which room I like more, the imported Japanese Tea Houses, the French Cloister dating back to the 1270's, or the Temple Hall from India dating to 1515. The Philadelphia Museum's greatest advantage is its sheer enormity. With 80,000 square feet of gallery space, it makes sense that entire rooms rooms are filled with life-size imported temples from across the globe. The latest rotating exhibits featuring Picasso and Renoir have been extensive and impressive.  The Contemporary Art and Impressionists wings are curious and significant.  And the architecture of the museum itself is beautifully classic and entirely striking.  The PMA is a must stop in Philly.

While no one from Philadelphia seems to do this, walking to the museum from downtown is a lovely and lengthy stroll down this tree and fountain lined drive.


Church Brew Works.  You're probably sensing a theme by now.  We like beer.  And Pittsburgh has got it, too.  At Church Brew, there's not only a unique craft brewery and a gourmet kitchen that makes a mean Pittsburgh Salad, but it's all inside a beautifully renovated Catholic church.  Have you ever been to a church that has two-story tall brass brewing containers at the altar?  Exactly.

At Church Brew Works, it's as good as it looks.


Friends near and far, if Pennsylvania is in your future, make sure these stops are part of your tour.  For now, have a happy weekend! Stay tuned on Sunday for another city-themed storyboard...xoxo.

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