Tuesday, July 6, 2010

81 Days...

Time is passing, and soon it will be September 25th, our wedding day!  But, there some days I feel like I get nothing done when it comes to planning our wedding. 

Since we aren't hiring a wedding coordinator and everything is a virtual Do/Plan-It-Yourself project, it means there are many possible details that could be forgotten... And the last thing I want is to wake-up on my wedding day thinking that we forgot to order napkins for the dinner tables or that we will get to the church and no one will have matches to light the candles. 

My goal has been to minimize those tasks, as much as bridally possible. 

Today, even though my wedding get-it-done self-esteem is low, I'm going to celebrate my "wins".

I bought this sweet little dress for our flower girl.

I bought cocktail napkins for appetizers and drinks.

I found a website that sells big, perfect, round balloons.

I found out my bridesmaids' dress went on sale!

I received the fabric samples I ordered for table runners in the mail.

I finished the thank-you notes from my wonderful bridal shower.

I received the last three missing addresses from my guest list excel spreadsheet.

And for lunch I made a delicious sauteed balsamic portabella-tomato wrap, topped with Gorgonzola cheese, tahini hummus, and walnuts. Completed with Kettle salt + fresh ground pepper potato chips.

All in a day's "work".


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